Dream Backyard Landscaping in San Diego, CA

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Backyard Remodel San Diego

Whether you’re raising a family, or are empty-nesters, a well-designed Backyard Remodel San Diego extends your living space. It also increases property value and provides a number of intangible benefits, like enhanced lifestyle and environmental sustainability.

Backyard water features, from bubbling fountains to koi ponds, add ambiance and visual interest to your home. They are a great addition to any landscape design.

Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen allows you to grill, cook and serve meals in your own backyard. It can include a refrigerator to keep food and beverages cool, a sink to wash dishes and utensils, a grill and countertops that are designed for optimal cooking.

You can also add a pizza oven or smoker for more versatile cooking options. Other features that can be added to your bbq island in San Diego are overhead lighting, fans and a flat-screen television to enhance entertaining.

We don’t recommend stone veneer or tile finishes for your grill island. This has to do with the fact that we live in a coastal area, which means that your materials are susceptible to corrosion from salty ocean air. If a piece of your finish pops off, you will have to repair it, which can become a significant hassle over time. This is why it’s important to do your research and choose a contractor with a reputation for excellent service.

Fire Pit

A fire pit is a perfect way to enjoy your backyard even in the cooler Southern California evenings. It creates a warm and cozy atmosphere to sit around and enjoy the company of family and friends.

Instead of a circular or square gas fire pit, consider an L-shaped design or a fire trough. This allows for more seating around the fire, and adds visual interest to your backyard landscape design.

Alternatively, you could integrate your fire pit into a fountain. This will save space and allow for a stunning water and fire combination that will impress your guests.

A water feature can attract birds, butterflies and dragonflies to your backyard. They are drawn to the soothing sound of water and can help relax your mind and body. It is also a great way to get rid of mosquitoes and other unwanted pests in your backyard. It is a great addition to any backyard and can be used in conjunction with other landscaping elements.

Water Feature

Add a splash of style and ambiance to your backyard space with an innovative water fountain accent. These beautiful and eye-catching additions to your landscape design not only enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces, but they also contribute to a sense of relaxation and serenity.

A continuous flow of water is known to emit negative ions, which can help alleviate stress, depression and anxiety. Additionally, the soothing sounds of moving water can help drown out outside noise pollution and create a relaxing retreat for your family and guests to enjoy.

Water features are also an excellent wildlife attractor and can provide a source of life for a variety of birds, butterflies, dragonflies and small mammals. Backyard ponds can also serve as a natural fish habitat.

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting your outdoor spaces makes the most of your landscaping, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your home at night. Landscape lights highlight and showcase beautiful plants, accentuate the texture of trees or highlight your water feature. They can brighten up your deck for relaxing evenings or set a conversation mood around a fire pit. They can also light up your staircases for safety, illuminate walkways to reduce the risk of tripping and falling and provide security by deterring burglars from hiding in dark corners.

Energy-efficient LED accent lighting complements the natural light of your yard and highlights the areas that you want to draw attention to. Path lights can illuminate the way from your driveway to your backyard pool for safe swimming at night, and outdoor step lights make walking up your front stairs at night a breeze. We can even create a custom lighting design for your commercial property so it gets noticed every night, increasing business and adding curb appeal.